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History of Glendale

Throughout the 1880s, William J. Murphy was able to complete a series of canals that ran through the barren desert that once was Glendale, Arizona. In the early 1890s, the canals were completed and people began to settle around the canals, as it was the main source of water in this area of the Sonoran Desert. In 1895, Glendale Grammar School opened, attracting people from all over the valley. The rest is history, as Glendale continued to expand into the city it is today.

Facts About Glendale

One of the biggest attractions of Glendale is their variety of sports teams. Glendale is not a major city, but it is home to an NHL team, NFL team, and Two Cactus league teams. The NHL’s Arizona Cardinals play at Gila River Arena, which is owned by the city of Glendale and also hosts a variety of concerts and other events. The NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, on the other hand, call University of Phoenix Stadium home. University of Phoenix Stadium plays host to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and has hosted the Super Bowl and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four.

Sporting events can be a fun event to attend with family and friends, but sometimes people can take it a bit too far. If you were pulled over and charged with a DUI, it is absolutely essential that you speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Blischak Law has decades of experience trying DUI cases and has a team of criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix that can help you get the correct verdict. In addition to DUI defense, Blischak Law handles cases regarding drug crime defense and theft defense

Glendale Demographics

While Glendale is not Arizona’s largest or most populated city, the population density (3,966) is high in comparison to other cities in Arizona like Phoenix (2,881) or Mesa (3,309). The dense population of Glendale can lead to cluttered parking lots and traffic jams on main roads. According to the State Highway Administration, there is a significant correlation between traffic congestion and car accidents. In other words, the more traffic there is, the more frequently car accidents will occur.

Car accidents can cause injuries ranging from mild sprains or fractures to spinal cord injuries, or even death. If you are a resident of Glendale, Arizona and have been in a car accident that has caused serious injury, you need to contact an experienced attorney to see if you are entitled to compensation for your damages.

John Blischak has over 30 years of experience practicing personal injury law, particularly dealing with injuries caused by car accidents. John will use relationships he has built with prosecutors and law enforcement in a unique way that will truly benefit your case. His honesty, forthcomingness, and charm will make you feel right at home and like a part of the Blischak family. Contact Blischak Law today to schedule a consultation.