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History of Mesa

Mesa is one of the oldest city in Arizona and it holds true to its roots. The Hohokam Indians called Mesa home before it was incorporated in 1883. The tribe built a system of canals that is still used to this day. The Hohokam tribe disappeared before any of the new world pioneers discovered the canals of Mesa and began to settle here.

Mesa has a growing population that is rapidly nearing the 500,000 resident mark. The up and coming city is currently the 38th largest city in the United states, 3rd largest in Arizona and the 2nd largest in the Greater Phoenix area. The main reason for the population boom in Mesa has been the growing number of businesses that are calling the city home. The latest edition to the list is Apple. The technology company just finished a $2 billion Global Command Center that will open in the near future and employ 150 people. In addition to Apple, some other brand name companies that call Mesa home are Boeing, Bridgestone, FUJIFILM, Mitel, and more.  

Crime Rate in Mesa

Despite the population boom that Mesa is experiencing, there has been an adverse effect on the rate of crime throughout the city. According to areavibes, the overall crime rate in Mesa has decreased 6%, while the violent crime rate a 2% increase. If you are a resident of Mesa and have been accused of a violent crime, such as assault or murder, contact an attorney at Blischak Law. We have the expertise to defend accused criminals and have their sentence revoked or reduced.

Other Facts About Mesa

One of Mesa’s largest industries is the tourism industry. People are drawn to this sunny city that is filled with activities all year round. Throughout the winter and into the spring, the Mesa Arts Center hosts variety of events and festivals. One festival they highlight is Spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity. Mesa’s Festival of Creativity is usually held in the middle weeks of March. The festival features live music, performances, hands-on experiences, live art-making, installations, and more. While you are attending the festival, you are invited to visit the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum and try out their sample workshops.    

Two Cactus League teams call Mesa home in the early spring, the Chicago Cubs and the Oakland Athletics. The Chicago Cubs bring in fans from across the country and continue to set attendance records for spring training games bringing in 14,000 fans on average. In 2014, the Cubs debuted a new spring training ballpark, Sloan Park. The Oakland Athletics will continue to play in Hohokam Stadium, named after the Hohokam Indians.

Car Accidents Statistics in Mesa

When you are at a sporting event, the traffic jam in the parking lot can be unbearable. The parking lot can turn into a hectic place, filled with angry drivers that want to run everyone off of the road. If you are run off the road due to a car crash and you sustain an injury you should contact a personal injury lawyer today. Blischak Law has dealt with variety of auto accident cases and has the ability to get you the compensation you might be entitled to.